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Yunnan Baiyao Capsules 1 box


Yunnan Baiyao Capsules or Yunan Paiyao capsules - Stopping bleeding, dispersing stagnant blood, invigorating blood, relieving pain.

Yunnan Baiyao Dosage and Administration:
Use Yunnan Baiyao Capsules for open wounds, for wounds with stagnated blood, swelling or pain. Can be used for venomous sore however consultation with doctor is required.
Apply directly to bleeding wound (clean first, and bandage afterwards). In deep or wide wounds, squeeze cut together, pour powder on, and keep closed for 1 to 2 minutes.

Yunnan Baiyao Capsules Usage for bleeding cancer for dogs or cats:
Consult your dog's veterinarian before using it.
General guidelines for dogs depending on its weight:
For dogs under 10 lbs, give 0.25g by mouth one time a day.
For dogs from 10 to 30 lbs, give 0.25g by mouth two times a day.
For dogs above 30 but less than 60 lbs, give 0.5g two times a day.
For dogs above 60 lbs, give 0.5g three times a day.

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules once, 4 times a day.
Packing: 16 capsules, 0.25g/capsule.
Manufacturer: Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd.

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